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Conglomerate Acquisitions
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Oil & Gas

From the Rocky Mountain States to the Gulf Coast and across the breadth of the continent, Conglomerate Acquisitions’ agents have assisted our clients in acquiring rights of way for pipeline infrastructure and leasehold prospects for exploration and development. Additionally, we have years of experience in negotiating seismograph permits from surface owners, mineral owners and other oil and gas companies. Conglomerate Acquisitions can also map all facets of your prospects with our comprehensive GIS and survey capabilities. Please click on our Services section to learn more about Conglomerate Acquisitions’ specific capabilities.


Renewable Energy

Conglomerate Acquisitions applies its unsurpassed expertise and years of valuable experience garnered in the oil and gas industry to the increasingly important field of renewable energy. Conglomerate Acquisitions prides itself on an innovative approach to green energy, and actively pursues strategic alliances that foster effective and efficient solutions to the development of clean energy-related projects throughout the country. Please call or e-mail us to learn more about our renewable energy services and initiatives.