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Lease Acquisition

We have the knowledge and experience to acquire leases in virtually any part of the country and in any type of environment. Depending on your needs - whether they are focused on a specific acquisition target of a relatively small project or on entering into an entirely new play in a more generalized geographic area - we will collect landowner information from local tax appraisal offices, including county deed records, and mail documents to landowners or meet with them in person as quickly as possible. We are accustomed to working in both rural and urban environments and are able to assemble any leasehold prospect in an orderly and timely fashion. We understand unique needs, including those of large ranching operations, and are also able to conduct town hall meetings to inform communities of our clients’ proposed activities. Lease acquisition is one of the most fundamental aspects of a new project; Conglomerate Acquisitions has the skill and experience to procure the leases you will need to get your project moving forward, while showing a degree of respect and deference for landowners’ concerns that is unequaled in the business.