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GIS Mapping Services

Over the years, Conglomerate Acquisitions has assembled a vast amount of geographical mapping information pertaining to the energy industry throughout the United States and abroad. We use the most technologically advanced mapping software to provide you with accurate presentations and status updates for your project. Our large format printers produce maps of the highest quality, and we can send them anywhere in the world. Alternatively, we can quickly save any images that your project requires in a digital format and instantly e-mail them to your team. From the inception of your project through its completion, our experienced professionals integrate your work into a base map; we then store all landowner information and design variations in multiple layers and databases that we use to assemble intelligible graphical representations suitable for high-level corporate presentation or in-house project review. Conglomerate Acquisitions recognizes that clear, compelling maps are vital to your projectís trajectory; our GIS mapping services provide you with the professional edge that can help make your project a success.